ACNE – Ambulatory Care Nursing Exam

ACNE - Ambulatory Care Nursing Exam

The Ambulatory Care Nursing Exam (ACNE) is a certificate examination conducted by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC), a branch of the American Nurses Association (ANA). This examination awards the examinee as a certification of Registered Nurse-Board Certified (RN-BC). The RN-BC is a computer-based exam managed by the ProMetric Testing Centres through the nation. Passing this examination confers a credential RN-BC for nurses. Study Material for the course is framed and maintained by the ANCC. The idea behind this examination is to test skills and prepare the nurse for health care in public sets, schools, offices, and families making use of cost-effective methods.

Eligibility For ACNE – Ambulatory Care Nursing Exam

Basic eligibility for the Ambulatory Care Nursing Exam includes being a current RN license hold within the territory of United States of America. (USA) a recognised equivalent degree from another country shall also be considered as eligibility criteria. A WORK EXPEREINCE of full two years as a registered nurse with 2000 hours of clinical practice since the last three years from the date of taking examination is a must and a continuing education of 30 hours in the last three years from appearing for the examination.

Format Of ACNE – Ambulatory Care Nursing Exam

The examination encompasses 175 questions, of which 150 are scored and 25 are pre-test questions. The candidate needs to answer all the questions despite the fact that the final score of the candidate is based only on the 150 questions. Breaking the questions into categories, 238 questions relate to Clinical practice, 30 to communication, 22 to issue and trends, another 22 to systems and lastly, 38 to education.