Keeping Maths Fun

Keeping Maths Fun

Maths on the Mind

If your child is preparing for Key Stage 1 Maths, Science or English you’ll know it can be a stressful time for both the child and the parent. If you’ve exhausted all forms of revision and need a way to keep maths on your childs brain without bombarding them with worksheets, here are a few ways to keep maths on their mind without them noticing.

Car Games

One thing children love is car games, particularly when the entire family are involved. Why not play simple car bingo where your child will have to count a certain amount of cars of each colour before they win. Or maybe they have to do simple maths equations before they are allowed their favourite song on, or even better, you ask a maths question and the first child to get it right wins the next song choice.


Shopping is a simple way to get your child doing maths without them thinking about it as education. If you know the shopkeeper is patient why not let your child try counting out the money or guessing how much change is needed. ‘Pay the lady’ needn’t be a simple play game, you can certainly utilize it for adding and subtracting practise.

Shopping lists are also a great way (if you have time!) to involve your child with shopping and help them practise maths skills. Why not have them measure out a certain amount of fruit so they practise reading the scales or ask them which is cheaper out of buying two lots of plums at a pound each (200 grams a punnet) OR 2 punnets for a pound at 150 grams each. Obviously you will need to utilise whatever is around you but, it’s an active environment which will keep the child entertained, improve their confidence and their maths skills.


It may seem very old fashioned but chalk on the ground is still extremely fun to play with! If you have some paving in your back garden or a large area of exposed brick outside why not try drawing some maths equations. Your child will find the new format stimulating and you can follow it with chalk hangman when they get bored.

If you look around you there are lots of fun ways to do maths that your child will enjoy. Counting pasta pieces, telling the time and reading scales while baking are all easy and fun ways to practise maths without your children even noticing.