Revision Tips

Revision Tips

If your child is preparing for an exam you will want to provide them with the best possible chance for success. It can be difficult to know how much pressure to place on a child at this age, however their attitude towards exams will be shaped at this time so it is important you encourage and reward hard work.

Somewhere Quiet

It is very basic but your child needs somewhere quiet to study. This should be a place they won’t get disturbed and where there are no other distractions like TV or a games console. If it is not possible for you to provide them with this type of area, try and encourage them to use after school club facilities or consider revision time that the whole family can join in with.


Routine is an excellent way to help your child revise whilst also learning time management and organisation skills. Work with the teacher to discuss the amount of time it is advised your child revises for their Key Stage 1 Maths exams (or KS2) and devise a timetable with your child that involves lots of breaks and dynamic time usage. You need to try and help your child enjoy revision by using lots of fun techniques like quizzes and bright, colourful pictures.

Brain Rest

It is important your child has lots of rest away from revision so that the information has time to sink in. Exercise is an amazing way of boosting mood levels and getting lots of oxygen moving around the body. If you can encourage your child to pursue activities like exercise rather than watching TV outside of their revision they will benefit a lot more as there is no eye strain involved in sports and games and the ability to completely focus on the moment rather than thinking about exams and worrying about the future.


Lots of encouragement is needed in order to persuade your child that revision is beneficial. You can have all the literacy activities, KS2 science revision resources and treats in the world but the most likely way your child is going to succeed is via your encouragement. Simply saying well done after a completed worksheet will do wonders for your child’s confidence and teach him or her that you should always try and never give up.