Stress management before and during exams

Stress management before and during exams

Stress is an important point of consideration before and during an exam. In order to understand how to deal with stress, it is important to understand the reasons that are causing the stress. Apart from personal problems, a common reason of stress is the feeling that you have not prepared well for the approaching exams and you will not be able to fare well in the exams. Dealing and eliminating stress is vital for a good exam preparation because stress has the ability to confuse you and cheat out time from you. That means, the time that you are spending worrying is much better spent if you are concentrating on your studies.

A great secret to handle stress before and during exams is to be confident about what you have studied and ensure that you should not make mistakes in what you already know. In addition, it is useful to remember that it is useless to worry about what will happen if you are not faring well in the exams. Leave the decision of what will happen to time and concentrate on your present to ensure that you are faring well in the exams. Follow the guidelines of preparation and revision and prioritization to stay confident in your studies.

Music can be a great reliever of stress. Listen to music when you are feeling stressed and spend some time in musical recreations to get the answers to your stress. Painting, scribbling, doodling, watching tv, reading books can also assist in dealing with the stress before the exams.

In this respect, remember not to pay attention to negative feedbacks and hopeless talks from other people. Avoid discussing your fears with others unless you think it is absolutely necessary. Talking and discussing more about fears does not help to get over fears; instead, this lets the fear to branch and re-branch in different directions. If you are feeling that, it is necessary to discuss your worries with somebody then only discuss it with the right person. The right person is the one who will understand you and will give you a positive feedback. The person who himself/herself will become confused and afraid after listening to your fears is not the right one to consult in such cases.

Thus, in a nutshell, the responsibility of overcoming your fears rests primarily on yourself only. Take some time in understanding the dimensions of these responsibilities and then try to solve the problems. Perhaps it is the only the lack of effort from your side that is preventing you from dealing with the stress. Make a conscious effort not to let your exam preparations suffer due to stress.